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Expert Estate Planning requires professionals from multiple disciplines. We have Trust & Estate Practitioners, Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisers, and Financial Planners at your disposal.

The first, and universally essential, element of estate planning is a properly drawn up Will, so the Wills we prepare for our clients are all drawn up to the highest standards, using the STEP Code for Will Preparation.

If you do not have a Will in place, you will die intestate and it is highly unlikely that the intestacy rules will dispose of your estate as planned, so we recommend that you contact us now to make an appointment.
For more information on Wills, please see:

When considering your Estate you should give serious consideration to using trusts as part of your planning, primarily because they can help you to:

  • Save tax
  • Protect younger beneficiaries
  • Guarantee succession of property

If you have business interests, you will also need to consider Tax and Succession Planning. You will need to formulate a strategic plan for the future direction of the business, who will succeed you, how you will exit, how that exit will impact your estate planning, and how to minimise the tax cost.


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