Protecting the family home and savings from care fees and the taxman

In today’s world it is becoming more and more common that people are losing value from their estates due to care fees, poor planning, second marriages and claims against the estate to name a few.

Add to this the confusion around the so called ‘Dementia Tax’ it is essential that individuals fully understand the implications should they or their spouse, parent or family member ever have to goSutton McGrath Hartley wills and probate seminar into permanent care.

Having to sell the family home to pay for care is unnecessary and can be easily avoided.

Sutton McGrath Hartley Wills & Probate are running a free seminar on Thursday 20th July 2017 at the Carlton Park Hotel in Rotherham to discuss the various options around estate planning, and how taking relevant steps now can avoid future heartache for individuals and their loved ones.

Ben Schofield, Legal Executive at Sutton McGrath Hartley Wills & Probate, who will deliver the seminar comments: “We often see individuals who have worked hard all their lives to achieve a good standard of living for themselves and their families fall into financial difficulty when ill health hits.

“Some end up losing their home and other assets to pay for care fees, resulting in a significantly reduced inheritance pot for their loved ones when they eventually pass on. This can be easily avoided through careful planning, which will allow individuals to pass on their assets to their families intact.

“Our seminar will highlight some of the key points to consider when planning for the future. We will go into detail about how making simple Wills may not be enough, how Trusts can be used to protect assets such as the family home, why Lasting Powers of Attorneys should be part of everyone’s future plans and how planning ahead can mitigate Inheritance Tax liabilities.”

The seminar is free to attend, open to anyone, and will take place from 9:30am on Thursday 20th July 2017 at the Carlton Park Hotel in Rotherham. Pre-booking is essential and can be done by contacting Brendan Hall, Marketing Manager at Sutton McGrath Hartley on 01709 872106 or

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