Lynne Marshall

Manager- SMH Haywood & Co

Lynne has been with SMH Haywood & Co for just over 30 years and has a wealth of experience in all areas of our services:-

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accountancy
  • Taxation
  • Payroll
  • Computer Software
  • Business Review

Even though Lynne does not have any formal qualifications, this has not stopped her from rising through the ranks to become one of our most valued account managers who is able to cover all areas in business.

Lynne is very adept at “thinking outside the box” which can bring some interesting ideas on board, not just for our clients but for our own business as well.

As well as formal accounts preparation and taxation, Lynne can assist in reviewing office procedures, bookkeeping and IT processes and indeed all aspects of running a business, including VAT, PAYE, corporate tax and personal tax, thus freeing the business owner to do “what they do best”.