Pension Transfers

A Pension Transfer is simply transferring the value of your contributions in one pension plan across to another. There may be many reasons that individuals decide to transfer a pension ranging from cost, flexibility, wider investment options and much more.

There may also be a number of reasons you may be considering transferring your pension such as:

  • Change of jobs
  • Consolidation of multiple pensions
  • Legislation Changes
  • Existing Pension being closed or changed
  • Suitability

The process of a Pension Transfer can be a difficult task which must be taken with consideration. At Sutton McGrath Hartley as well as handling the paperwork, we look at all variables including exit penalties, tax consequences and any risks to your investment. Seeking professional advice is crucial and we pride ourselves in assisting you in choosing the most suitable plan for you and your individual circumstances.

For advice on Transferring your Pension or if you are looking to speak to one of our advisers, get in touch today for a free consultation and review.