Financial Planning Review

The purpose of financial planning is to help you make the most of your financial resources by setting realistic goals and finding a way to reach them.

Our team of independent, qualified financial advisers conduct a comprehensive review of your personal and financial circumstances so that we may identify potential problems and opportunities. We assist you in making difficult decisions and help you to avoid costly mistakes by ensuring that you are fully informed about all possible choices. We believe the inherent objectivity in our “advice-only” approach enables clients to make better decisions.

This holistic, integrated approach prevents the oversights that may arise from piecemeal advice. We communicate with your other advisors so that the implementation of selected strategies is coordinated between all parties. Also, in the event of a crisis situation, our awareness of your circumstances can be particularly important to your family – we can provide them with the information they will need to understand the details of your finances and financial plans.

You can of course make your financial plan yourself, but a financial planning adviser can an offer the right financial skills and tools to help you realise your financial plan.

The basics of a financial plan may include some of the following questions:

  • Will your family be financially secure, whatever happens to you?
  • Are your finances tax efficient?
  • Are you getting the best return in a rising or a falling stock market on your investments?
  • Is your child’s education financially secure? How about for their wedding?
  • Do you have enough money for your retirement?

You should feel comfortable if your answers are “yes” to all the above questions. But even a single “no” means that you should feel uncomfortable. You need a good financial plan. See a financial adviser to chart out the most suitable recommendations for you. Your introduction to financial plan starts right here.