Business Solutions

Businesses require specialist financial advice to ensure that both the business and the individual Shareholder/Directors are making the right decisions.

We have specific expertise in this area and are well placed to provide a full range of advice to you and your business.

Some of the areas to consider are:

  • Tax Planning – How to save corporation Tax
  • Director/ Shareholder planning
    • Company Will/Shareholder agreements
    • Protection of Shareholding on Death or earlier illness
    • Protection of Assets
    • Protection of your family
    • Financing
    • Funding for retirement
  • Key person Protection
    • Ensuring that key people are protected in case of illness or death.
  • Staff Benefits
    • Establishing a group pension scheme
    • Protecting your staff and their families

Pension Auto Enrolment is also a key consideration for all businesses, we can help you set up and run an employee pension scheme that meets the stringent requirements of The Pensions Regulator and which fits the specific needs of your business.

To arrange an initial meeting with one of our financial planners call 0114 266 4432.


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