If I divorce does it affect my Will?

• A divorce treats a former spouse as if they have predeceased you. No gift will pass to them, and even if they are named as executors they cannot act as such. However, the rest of the Will remains valid.

• Marriage and remarriage are somewhat different. A marriage usually cancels any previous Will.

• As a result you could find you have no Will at all and the Intestacy Rules would apply.

• If you have a set date for a wedding please inform us so that an appropriate clause can be included in the Will to prevent your Will from being cancelled.

• If you are married and co-habit with a new partner without getting divorced, do make sure you make provision for your new partner and any children. Otherwise, the legal spouse might be able to inherit under a Will you have made and not cancelled, or under any Intestacy Rules.

For further information on the Wills services offered in Sheffield, Chesterfield and Rotherham by Sutton McGrath Hartley, see Wills and Probate.

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