Assets which may not be covered by provisions in your Will

• Death benefits under a pension scheme are usually distributed at the discretion of the pension fund trustees. You should therefore let them know of your wishes. Often, they will require you to complete a nomination form indicating who you would like to benefit. We would recommend that you review your nominations regularly.


• Life assurance policies, if written in Trust, are payable to the named person(s), whatever your Will may say. Policies should be checked and if you wish us to advise or assist, we can do so.


• Assets in joint names may pass to the survivor. If you wish to leave your share of jointly-owned assets to someone other than your co-owner you may need to make sure that the way you own the property allows this to happen. Under a joint tenancy the asset will automatically pass to the co-owner, whereas ownership as tenants in common means you can decide who inherits your share. We can provide specialist advice in this area should you require it.


• Foreign assets – Your Will(s) may not be effective to pass property which you own which is located outside England and Wales. We do not offer advice on foreign assets as part of our standard Will drafting service. If you inform us that you own property abroad and that you require advice in relation to it we may direct you to an alternative specialist advisor if you wish us to do so.

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