Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance team at SMH specialises in advising on how to effect successful business sales and acquisitions.

The key elements of our Corporate Finance service will usually include finding you a buyer and / or a target business, valuing the business(es), negotiating commercial terms, raising finance,  and project management from start to finish.

However, the multi-disciplinary nature of our practice means that when you use SMH Chartered Accountants you can also benefit from our in-house expertise in related matters such as estate planning, asset management, retirement planning, corporate and personal tax, and legal advice.

We appreciate how important a sale or acquisition is to our clients, and how stressful the process can be. Our ‘full service’ simplifies the process whilst making sure risks are minimised whilst rewards are maximised.

If you are considering selling your company, acquiring a competitor, or a management buyout, we can help you make it reality, by providing you with pro-active advice and support throughout the process.

Grant Funding

Grant Funding

Grant support is available for many businesses and in many geographical areas. The volume of support can be bewildering and the documentation often complex.

Selling a business

Selling a Business

We understand that our clients achieve greater reward through a structured, well planned exit, rather than a reactive sale.


Strategic Planning

At Sutton McGrath Hartley we can help our clients ensure their business decisions take both short term and long term considerations in mind. Short term planning is often described as ‘management by crisis’, which is a little unfair to many businesses, which continue profitably with little consideration for the future.

Chartered Financial planner

Transaction Tax Planning

Sutton McGrath Hartley are experienced providers of advice on the tax aspects of all corporate finance matters, such as for acquisition or disposal of a business.

Business Valuations

Business Valuations

There are many reasons why business owners wish to acquire an accurate valuation of their business. Sutton McGrath Hartley provide a full bespoke business valuation service for our clients.

Buying a business

Buying a Business

We are able to advise on all financial aspects of the deal and the raising of any required finance. It is vitally important to plan ahead and we can assist with business planning, financial forecasts and financial due diligence.

case studies services

Case Studies

Our corporate finance services team is led by our experienced Chartered Accountants. See examples of transactions they have been involved in.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Due diligence, or ‘transaction services’ refers to the investigation of the financial affairs of a business prior to acquiring it or otherwise committing funds.

Financial Forecast

Financial Forecasting

Providers of finance may require that applicants produce a detailed forecast of trading profits, cash flows and balances for forthcoming periods, often three years.


If you are interested in any of our group services and looking to speak with one our in-house experts please fill out our enquiry form below. One of our team will aim to get back to you as soon as possible at a time that suits you.

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The end of furlough could mean redundancy for some employees, but make sure correct procedure is followed.

There may be alternative routes for your business.

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With social care funding climbing to the top of the agenda, potential additional means-tested personal contributions need to be included in retirement planning.

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Have you ever wondered what would happen to your estate if you died without a Will?

Our infographic will tell you what would happen in your individual circumstances if you died intestate.

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We're hiring!

We have a range of positions available in our Rotherham and Buxton offices.

Check out our website for details of our latest vacancies:

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National Savings & Investments has launched a new green savings product, but the announcement came without one key piece of information – what return will the bond offer?

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Thanks to @DPPUK for supplying us with some quality branded golf balls, tees & brollies for our #charity #golf day!

Thankfully the sun was out and the brollies weren't needed, but we're sure they will get some use over the coming months!

We raised a fantastic £2,330 for @SYMNDA
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