Chartered tax advisers Sutton McGrath Hartley

Owner Managed Businesses

Owner managed businesses are what we specialise in, and we are unusually good at it because in addition to our accountants and tax specialists we also employ lawyers and financial advisers to augment the service we offer.

We are perfectly positioned to give comprehensive advice to our clients when it comes to the inevitable interaction of business interests with the interests of the individual owners & their families.

We can thereby protect and enhance the wealth of our clients much more effectively.

Our ‘full service’ offering, means that our business clients don’t have to go out to multiple firms when they need professional advice on complex interrelated financial matters. This radically cuts downs the risk of mistakes and oversight that arise when professionals from different firms don’t communicate effectively. It also reduces your costs and optimises your financial outcomes.

For example, a business owner might traditionally have used one firm for  accountancy & tax services, another for legal advice, and yet another for financial planning. The accountants might have been more involved on the business side of things, the financial planners with the owner’s personal affairs, and the lawyers only on an ad hoc basis. The fact that they worked in different offices and had different agendas could result in duplicated time & fees and/or conflicting advice, either of which is bad for their clients.

We have circumvented this problem by employing all the ‘financial’ professionals we need under one roof, thus ensuring a ‘joined up’ approach. We employ Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisers, Financial Planners, Lawyers, and Trust & Estate practitioners; our staff are therefore the most highly qualified and experienced professionals there are in these fields. Furthermore, they all work closely together & have possessions of all the facts, so we can guarantee that our clients receive best advice from all perspectives.



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