Sutton McGrath Hartley chartered accountants team

Year End Accounts

The annual production of accounts is more than just a compliance necessity. It is a great opportunity for us gain valuable independent insight into your business and enhance the quality of advice you receive .

We analyse the information that is gathered during the accounts process, report to you on any areas that may need attention, and then offer our suggestions regarding how you could influence future financial performance for the better.

If you entrust your accounts to us we will, amongst other things, help you to:

  • identify where the money is made and lost
  • consider how & when tax might impact on future plans
  • benchmark your business, by sharing the knowledge we have gained from years of experience with similar businesses about what works best in any given situation
  • identify what sort of financing is most appropriate & how to access it
  • plan for the future

We then go further still, and consider how your business activities are likely to impact on your personal and family finances.

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals includes Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisers, Trust & Estate Practitioners, Corporate Financiers, and Lawyers and they will give you quality advice and practical suggestions on how to achieve better financial outcomes for you and your family.

The accounts production process is therefore much more than a compliance issue. It is the window that shines a light on your financial affairs.

If you appoint us, we will help you to use the correct processes to help you make the right financial and business decisions time after time.


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