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FREE Advice & Referral Fees for Charities

Whilst every charity’s specific aims are different, a common theme is the struggle to maximise the revenues which facilitate promotion of your objectives.

At Sutton McGrath Hartley we provide a totally FREE service to help you succeed in doing so, and then go one step further by making a contribution of our own to your charity whenever we are asked to undertake paid work for your donors and beneficiaries.

We know that other professional firms will be keen to work with your charity too but crucially, as a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers and Solicitors and Trust & Estate Practitioners (all under one roof), we have in depth expertise in both the legal and the tax planning issues that will impact your donors’ decisions.

That means we are uniquely positioned to advise on how to maximise donations to your charity whilst reducing the donor’s own costs – a ‘Win, Win’ situation.

All our work is regulated by the ICAEW, and our multi -disciplinary skill set, combined with a strong ethical approach and the highest of standards, is hard to find in any but the larger, and more expensive, national firms.

If we get the chance to work with you we can help increase your revenues and provide a high quality service to your donors and beneficiaries.

The following are some specific examples, indicating how the work we specialise in could benefit your charity:


Will Drafting

A carefully drafted Will leaving money to charity can reduce the testator’s Inheritance Tax bill whilst also increasing the legacy to your charity and the legacies to other beneficiaries.

All the wills we draft comply with The STEP Code for Will Preparation; www.step.org/code-for-will-preparation-public


Lasting Powers of Attorney & Deputyship Orders

Should a supporter of your charity lose the capacity to manage their affairs, their donations will most likely cease. If they have made an LPA then their Attorneys can continue to support you on their behalf.

Estate Administration

In certain circumstances it is possible to vary a Will post death to ensure that a charity benefits instead of HMRC. We advise executors and beneficiaries of the options, such as this, which are available to them.

We are licenced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to carry out probate and estate administration work and were one of the first companies in the north of England to be authorised to do so.


Lifetime Asset Protection Trusts

People can protect their assets in their lifetime by placing them into trust. This helps maximise funds distributable to beneficiaries, including your charity.


Income Tax Returns

A charitable donation can reduce Income Tax liabilities by up to 60%. We advise donors on when the circumstances exist to maximise relief.


Payroll Giving for Employees

Our expertise in payroll management enables us to advise and assist employers in putting the right Payroll Giving scheme in place for their business, thereby improving the chances of regular tax efficient donations.


Gifts - Assets or Cash?

A potential donor who is planning to make a gift of or from a specific asset may need advice on whether to sell the asset first and make a cash donation, or to gift the asset itself.

Asset type, capital losses, taxable income, market value and costs of the asset are all important considerations.

We will advise and ensure that maximum benefit accrues to your charity.


Company Giving & Corporation Tax

Relief for charitable donations is available to companies but the relief is easily wasted where there are losses and/ or groups of companies. Considered advice can maximise both relief and donations.


Statutory Wills

If an individual lacks the mental capacity to execute their own Will it is possible, in certain circumstances, to apply to the Court of Protection and have a Statutory Will approved.

If there is evidence to suggest that the individual would have contributed to your charity the Will could contain a legacy in your charity’s favour.

There are many more ways that we can help you and your charity, so please give us a call on 0114 266 4432 or email enquiries@suttonmcgrathhartley.co.uk.


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