Access to commercial finance

Sutton McGrath Hartley provide independent advice to help owner managed businesses gain access to sources of funds.

We are experts at helping owner managed businesses to raise finance. Our strength lies in our experience and knowledge of the many different financial organisations so that we can help your application be successful by finding an active provider of finance and ensuring your business is compatible with their lending criteria.

In addition to finding the right finance for your business, we can help prepare your business plans and financial forecasts.

The types of funding we can help you to access are:


Business loans

We can locate active lenders suitable for your particular needs, assess the pricing policies and introduce you to appropriate lenders. We can also ensure that your business loan application is credible and that the business is ready to receive the investment.


Property secured lending

A number of traditional lenders may not be active in this market. We will locate suitable sources of finance from our knowledge of traditional lenders and alternative providers.


Asset finance

You don’t have to finance your purchase through your asset supplier. There are many alternative providers of lease, finance lease and hire purchase arrangements, who may be able to step in and fund the asset at less cost to your business. We will identify appropriate alternative providers and assess the cost benefits to you.


Stock based lending and invoice financing

There are many providers of stock based lending and invoice financing. We can identify appropriate providers and assess the cost benefits.



Grant support is available for many businesses and in many geographical areas. The volume of support can be bewildering and the documentation often complex. We can cut through the complexities of the system, locate suitable grant support packages and provide help with your application process.


Equity funding

A business can raise equity funding from existing shareholders and from new shareholders. Whichever route is followed, we can advise on the process of equity raising and the tax efficiency of the various ways of issuing shares, including the Enterprise Investment Scheme and other incentive schemes.


Crowd funding

Some funding requirements are simply not suitable for banks and traditional commercial lending solutions. Crowdfunding can fill this gap, providing loans or equity from the pooled resources of a wide range of smaller funders.  The spread of crowdfunding groups is ever increasing. We can help you make the right selection decision and ensure your business is ready to apply for and receive the investment.

For further information please contact Jonathon Dickens on 01246 277266 or email


Jonathon Dickens, Partner at Sutton McGrath Hartley's Chesterfield office
Jonathon Dickens, Partner at Sutton McGrath Hartley’s Chesterfield office

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